Women in Gaza

A family receiving support from Trócaire partner Caritas Jerusalem in Gaza. Photo: Trocaire

Women in Gaza (Online Film)

Find out about the challenges women face in Gaza from occupation and a blockade to violence, poverty & COVID-19.

Join Trócaire to find out about the challenges women face in Gaza. Hear directly from Trócaire’s partner the Women’s Affairs Centre, a Palestinian NGO which defends the rights of women as they live under occupation and a blockade and face threats of violence, poverty and COVID-19.

Click here to view the film (available from 6th Dec - 10th Dec)

https://vimeo.com/651130733 (password is Palestine)

A family gathers at their house in Gaza. Photo: John McColgan

Trócaire has worked in Israel and the Palestinian territories since 2002, addressing human rights violations and providing humanitarian aid. Trócaire believes in a just peace, based on mutual respect, understanding and security. It works with both Israeli and Palestinian partners to further the cause of peace and understanding in the region.

The Women’s Affairs Centre (WAC) is one of Trócaire’s partners in Gaza. WAC is an independent and non-profit Palestinian NGO with the purpose of empowering women and advocating women’s rights and gender equality through capacity development, information and innovative research and advocacy programmes.

While implementing its strategy to fulfil its vision, WAC is guided by international human rights principles including empowerment and participation; equality and non-discrimination; and accountability to ensure justice and dignity for women. Through its programmes the organisation seeks to change the culture of violence against women in Palestinian communities.